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Miles on mission and message: Walking for at-risk children everywhere

by: Matthew Crane (Dubois County Free Press) June 29, 2017

Frank Chiarelli’s walk through Dubois County is a personal endeavor to raise awareness about a national issue that doesn’t necessarily pass through the fences of our perspectives.

But the Chicago native has lived on both sides of that fence; a fence that separates one child from ending up dead or in jail from the child that succeeds in life.

On Frank’s website,, he gives a glimpse of the moments that led him to decide to walk the 3,100 miles — or 7 million strides — across the United States. He writes that his mother’s addictions led to instability in his home and touches on how it led to her eventual death.

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A Day in the life of America

Produced by Jared Leto ft. 30 Seconds to Mars

Filmed: Albion, IL by Jacob Zavertnik & Hannah Gates July 4, 2017

A massive portrait of America, capturing a single day in the life of this beautiful country in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

It's an incredible opportunity to document the USA during a very important time in our country.



Chicago man makes his way through Tri-State on journey across US

by Aesia Toliver, Reporter (WFIE Evansville, IN) July 3, 2017

Frank Chiarelli slides in his insoles and hits the road for about 20 miles a day.

Chiarelli said he is heading in the right direction now, but it hadn't always been this way. His mother battled alcohol addiction, which he said affected his upbringing.

His life changed after moving in with his father, and he worked with his dad to put himself through school.

Now, he's sold all of his furniture, cashed out his 401K, and on May 1st headed out to fulfill his mission.

"I want to influence others across the country to get involved, I think it's a nationwide problem, young people being exposed to drugs and gang violence coming from broken households," said Chiarelli.

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Just passing through

Frank Chiarelli’s walk to the Pacific will take him more than 3,000 miles

by Jackie Graves (Bay Weekly Times Annapolis, MD) May 6, 2017

Getting the feel of his first pair of shoes five days into a walk across America to raise money and awareness for at-risk youth, Frank Chiarelli passed through Annapolis on May 6.

“It feels like I’ve been doing this for months. That’s how my body feels,” he said of his walk to the Pacific Ocean begun May 1 in the Cape May/Lewes area.

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