Where is my money going? How did I know you’d ask...

Target Neighborhoods

Chatham, Rogers Park, Roseland, West Englewood, Pullman, Pilsen, Garfield Park, Fuller Park, Lawndale, Humboldt, Bronzeville, Austin, Armour Square, Uptown


Current Initiatives 


bridging the divide

Helping our law enforcement officials and the Chicago Police Department do their jobs safely and effectively through alternative education and community partnerships.

Bridging the Divide is a program that was created by the YMCA Youth Safety and Violence Prevention Team and the Chicago Police Department that is designed to build relationships and increase understanding between youth, law enforcement officials, and other community members by offering opportunities for dialogue through the use of various community-building activities.

All Department members will positively engage members of the community throughout their tour of duty to reduce violence and overall crime.



t.e.c. center

The “TEC Center is a career readiness project of Kids off the Block (KOB) to prepare our youth and young adults to become equipped for emerging career opportunities through technology, and entrepreneurship.

The TEC Center consists of 10-12 week programs for youth/young adults ages 16-24 years old. They will participate in hands on training in coding and entrepreneurial workshops. We anticipate servicing 150 youth per year, along with wraparound services for youth in hardship situations.

KOB Summer Basketball League 

In Partnership with the Ray & Joan Kroc Center

The program hosts 500 youth (5th-8th) grades from all over the city of Chicago, IL.


neighborhoods improvement  

Aimed at improving existing or developing new facilities and programs offering young people affordable alternatives to gangs, drugs, violence, or general inactivity 

  • Recreational facilities and sporting equipment   
  • Church or faith-based groups 
  • Music studios and equipment
  • Theaters
  • Libraries

youth jobs 

Designed to assist community organizations, individuals, and businesses working toward ensuring non-monetary access to career advancement opportunities for youth living in poverty or in a state of instability.