chicago man walks across america to bay area for good cause

Nov, 16 2017

Video by: ABC 7 KGO-TV San Francisco, CA

A Chicago man who decided to do something to counteract the violence in his city wrapped up a 3,200-mile journey on Tuesday.

Frank Chiarelli's "Walk America" effort took him from Delaware to the Bay Area over the course of 198 days.

miles on a mission and message 


June 29, 2017

by Matthew Crane (DC Free Press Jasper, IN)

Frank Chiarelli’s walk through Dubois County is part of a personal endeavor to raise awareness about a national issue that doesn’t necessarily pass through the fences of our perspectives.

But the Chicago native has lived on both sides of that fence; a fence that separates one child from ending up dead or in jail from the child that succeeds in life.

WALKING ACROSS AMERICA: Chicago backpacker with a cause stops in Shawnee to discuss his journey


August 8, 2017

by: Jennifer Bhargava (Shawnee Dispatch Kansas City, KS)

Frank Chiarelli doesn’t want you to follow in his footsteps.

He wants you to be inspired by them.

The 29-year-old Chicago native has spent the past few months walking across the United States, with no plans to stop until he reaches the coast of northern California.

He started back in May from a small historical town in Delaware and last week, he traveled through Shawnee on his journey west.

His message is simple: if he can walk thousands of miles on foot to raise money for inner-city youth, then certainly other people can take a small chunk out of their time to volunteer for the same cause.

good day chicago

August 9, 2017

Video by: FOX 32 News Day Chicago, IL 

Frank Chiarelli checks in with Good Day Chicago during the middle of his walk from Delaware to California in hopes of supporting Chicago.

chicago man walking across america makes stop in sedalia

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July 25, 2017

by Ryan Skaith (NewsTalk 1050 KSIS Sedalia, MO

A 29-year old Chicago man made a stop in Sedalia earlier this week, as part of a nearly 3,100 mile walk across the country, in an effort to raise money and awareness of the drug and gang violence in many inner-city neighborhoods.

Frank Chiarelli began the trek in Delaware on May 1. He planned for 250 days, while estimating he could walk about 15 miles a day, making stops in cities across America to discuss the importance of mentoring kids and getting more people involved in the lives of inner-city youth.



August 10, 2017

by: Thomas Vogel (Wednesday Journal Oak Park, IL)

Twenty-nine-year-old Frank Chiarelli, a 2007 OPRF grad and Dominican University alum, is about halfway through a 3,100 mile walk from Delaware to California. 

The months-long solo journey, which began on May 1, is Chiarelli's attempt at increasing awareness about social ills in his hometown, Chicago, and raising money to help at-risk youth in the city through job training and mentor-ship. He's already secured about $4,700 and has another $1,000 in pledges, just about half of his $10,000 goal. That money is earmarked for local social service organizations.

Man Stops in reno on cross-country trip to inspire activism

Nov 1, 2017

by Denise Wong (KOLO 8 Reno, NV)

With just a traveling bag on wheels, Frank Chiarelli started walking from Delaware in May and plans to end his walk in Northern California next month. Wednesday, he was in Reno to bring his message to people in the Biggest Little City.

Chiarelli quit his sales job and cashed out his 401k to go on the journey that was sparked by his frustration with what he calls the instability of the country and the violence in his hometown of Chicago. He is hoping the walk gives him visibility to deliver the message to people that they can make a difference in their communities.

just passing through

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May 6, 2017

by Jackie Graves (Bay Weekly Times Annapolis, MD)

Getting the feel of his first pair of shoes five days into a walk across America to raise money and awareness for at-risk youth, Frank Chiarelli passed through Annapolis on May 6.

“It feels like I’ve been doing this for months. That’s how my body feels,” he said of his walk to the Pacific Ocean begun May 1 in Lewes, DE.