Initially I put together this glorified summary of my life, 29 years in nine paragraphs, even confessing my love for Whitney Houston's 1991 National Anthem performance at the Superbowl. But "corporately marketing" myself is something I've struggled with because I don't have a resume of activism, and I'm far from Gandhi. 

I think if those who know me best were asked to describe me they’d tell you I'm a nutcase. And I am. I’m always innovating, learning and experiencing life outside of the norm. 

But why a focus on our youth? Well, the majority of my childhood I spent coaching my mother through a very explicit addiction. When she passed away my life spiraled out of control. I became dangerously unpredictable to the point members of my own family wanted nothing to do with me. And it was a life I hid from most everyone including myself because frankly it was quite depressing. 

I learned one huge concept in my struggles... The power of strong family, religion, and work ethic which I was missing for such a long time. After introducing some of that into my life, I believe that by providing kids with an opportunity for that foundation, no matter the hardship, can create change.