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Who are you? 

I'm Frank; proud Chicagoan and wanna be novelist with success in startup business ventures and teaching my father how to use the internet.

After eventually overcoming a dangerous and unstable childhood... 

It has become my goal to help those living in broken homes, and influenced by drugs or gang violence to obtain and sustain honest careers. 


What are you doing?

I've sold all my furniture and cashed out my 401k plan to fund a walk across the country from Delaware to California.

Every day, I'll be out fundraising for career development programs. I'll also be consulting with invested city citizens and public officials about how to improve safety and youth opportunity across the country.  


Where is the money going?

Career development programs for at-risk youth ages 7-24. 7 Million Strides is sponsored by Kids Off the Block a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in Chicago, IL.  


 Why care?

1. In a time when our country and its cities are clouded by negativity, my walk is also one evoking for change in the way our early generations think about their roles in society and their potential for betterment.

2. Because you come from a troubled household. You've lost a parent, turned to crime, lived in poverty, or have the slightest taste of existing without structure, friends, religion or a sense of self.

3. Because the current system is not working. Not only in Chicago but all over the country. If you don't like something, then change it!


How will you move the needle?

1. Demonstrate to young people, millennials, and generations after mine a creative approach to getting involved in community.

2. Get away from dead end jobs

3. Avoid the en-slavery of welfare 

4. Begin mentoring from a younger age

5. Emphasis on youth in transition from rehab, criminal justice system, or recent trauma

6. Institute contracted and incentive based mentor-ship programs


Okay what now? I could use your support..