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No inspirational quotes... No fake news

Who are you? I'm Frank, a hopelessly ambitious writer from Chicago with experience in sheep herding, prize-fighting roosters, and teaching my father how to use the internet. I started this project without much knowledge on outreach programs or all the politics associated with good-cause efforts. Only that I wanted to help our city and its youth. And because I'm far from a nurse or professor, I had to get creative.


What are you doing? I've sold all my furniture, cashed out my 401k, and my parents are furious that I wont be home for Christmas dinner. Instead, I'll be walking across the country from Delaware to California campaigning and raising awareness for youth opportunity and inner city safety in Chicago and nationwide. 


 Why should I care?

1. Because you're sick of the negativity in our news and seeking an alternative to the shameful publicity clouding our otherwise proud people and traditions. Illinois has now lost more of its population than any other state for three consecutive years

2. Because you're thinking family... and if you find someone to marry you... maybe kids. Nevertheless, one day it becomes your priority to ensure their safety and surround them with positive role models.

3. Because you come from a troubled household. You've lost a parent, turned to crime, lived in poverty, or have the slightest taste of existing without structure, friends, religion or a sense of self.


Okay what now? We could use your help...