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One project at a time, 7 Million Strides takes aim at strengthening a city through it's youth.

Projects focus on the most at-risk neighborhoods who are not in the bandwidth of many of the city's youth organizations due to liability and logistics concerns.

Through current and future partnerships with like-minded entities, we hope to help those between the ages of 7-24 who are homeless or unaccompanied, jobless, or frequenters of the juvenile justice system.

In the long term our efforts will rise to the policy level with interest in welfare reformation and decriminalization of street drugs.

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Who are you? 

Chicagoan, writer and competitive eater with success in teaching my father how to use the internet.

After eventually overcoming a dangerous and unstable childhood... 

It has become my goal to provide youth living unaccompanied, unemployed or corrupted by drugs and gang violence an opportunity for structure and success. 

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What are you doing?

I've sold all my furniture and cashed out my 401k plan to fund a walk across the country from Delaware to California.

Every day, I'll be out fundraising for our kids and consulting with public officials in each city about safety, leadership, and policy making

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Where is the money going?

Certified career training and apprenticeship placement for 250 at-risk youth ages 15-24. 7 Million Strides is sponsored by Kids Off the Block a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in Chicago, IL.

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 Why we should ALL care

1. Persistent high unemployment among young people adds up to $25 billion a year in uncollected taxes. $9.5 billion in Chicago. (Young Invincible's

2. If youth unemployment were reduced to its pre-recession rate, the federal government would recoup $7.8 billion, or $53 per taxpayer, and state and local governments would recoup $1.1 billion. (Young Invincible's)

3. Chicago was the only major city in the country to lose population last year. According to the U.S. Census, 8,638 Chicagoan's left — nearly twice as many as the year before. (Chicago Tribune)

4. “The High Costs for Out of School and Jobless Youth in Chicago and Cook County,” concludes that unemployment and violence are directly related. (Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago)

5. In a time when our country and its cities are clouded by negativity, 7 Million Strides attempts to evoke change in the way our early generations think about their roles in society and their potential for betterment.

6. You come from a troubled household. You've lost a parent, turned to crime, lived in poverty, or have the slightest taste of existing without structure, friends, faith or a sense of self.


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